What's going on here?

A fair question. A game show that fuses karaoke with tabletop roleplaying games? How does that even work? The answer is: through the power of friendship. Cultural researchers DJRobotButler and Nivez have uncovered an unlikely confluence in the fabric of folklore that allows these two forms of entertainment to co-exist in a superposition of raucous good times.

Players are grouped into teams (you can bring your own team or we can help you find one). The players will navigate an original story line, finding themselves face-to-face with a variety of challenges. To overcome obstacles or guide the narrative, you use the power of song. If your team needs to cross a treacherous mountain pass, for example, you might choose to sing "Ain't No Mountain High Enough." (Not all team members have to sing, just the ones who want to.)

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The best way to find out about Dungeon Battle Karaoke is to see it for yourself. We provide full gameplay instructions to attendees. Upcoming shows can be found HERE.

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