What is this even about?

Dungeon Battle Karaoke is a team-based role-playing game (like Dungeons and Dragons, to name one example). The game master presents a story filled with obstacles. Your team will choose a song and perform it in order to overcome the obstacles. If your team needs to cross a treacherous mountain pass, for example, you might choose to sing "Ain't No Mountain High Enough." Read a longer explanation HERE.

Do I have to have a team?

Heck no! Come as you are and make some rad new friends. When you buy your ticket we'll ask you to answer a few questions. There are no wrong answers, it just helps us get a sense of who will be playing, and to help match you up with some cool new adventuring buddies. There are also spectator tickets for anyone who just wants to watch.

Do I have to sing??

Not if you don't want to! The great thing about being part of a team is that everyone can play to their strengths. You can play as a silent strategist, a stage-loving diva, or anything in between. Not everyone on a team has to take the stage, but you are also welcome to sing all together if you'd like.

Will we sing the whole song?

It's your call. Sometimes karaoke can be treacherous and you find yourselves trapped in a never-ending chorus loop. In order to move the action along, players are allowed to exit a song gracefully once feel that they've gotten their point across -- usually by singing through at least one verse and chorus. It's up to you if you want to go short and sweet or belt it all out.

What if I've never played D&D?

No prob! This event uses the basic outline of a table-top role playing game (a "dungeon master" leads the story, and the players "choose their own adventure" to steer events.) Your friendly dungeon master and fellow players will help you enjoy the story and the game even if you've never rolled the dice before.

What if I just want to watch?

Please come cheer on the adventurers! DBK is all about a killer story and raucous good time -- you don't have to be a player or a performer to enjoy it. We have discounted spectator tickets if you just want to enjoy the show and cheer your friends on (or jeer, as the case may be). 

Is it all ages?

Yep! However, please note that there is a strong likelihood of hearing some SWEARS. And maybe an off-color joke or two.

I'm gonna be thirsty!! If I don't have snacks I'm cranky!

By all means, help us establish a tavern atmosphere! The Clinton Street Theater concession stand will be open during the event, serving popcorn and snacks as well as beer, wine, and soft drinks.


Wow, ok Gollum. Dungeon Battle Karaoke is less of a contest and more of an immersive show. We're working on getting some bomb-ass precious-level swag, and will let you know on social media as this develops, so be sure to follow us there! (See below.) Either way, you'll get bragging rights and a night to remember. Ultimately, the reward is in the story and experience.... and FRIENDSHIP.

I'm still confused/lost/apprehensive/worried but intrigued...

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